Enhanced Test Automation:
Integration with Selenium, JIRA and HP QC

Complete defect documentation automatically generated via the Replay Virtual Recording.

Instead of doing screen scrapes, log dumps and Word documents describing what caused the problem, the QA team can simply add the Replay Recording to the incident report, safe in the knowledge that no matter where the developer is and what time it is, no additional information is required. To make this even easier, Replay has a set of plug-ins that will interface ReplayDIRECTOR to the major defect tracking systems such as HP Quality Center and JIRA as well as a seamless integration with automated test frameworks such as Selenium. This means that the QA workflow can automatically generate and add recordings to the bug reports in these systems.

Use Case:

A large health care provider runs daily regression suites comprised of many different types of tests. They centrally log all defects in HP Quality Center. Often these are highly automated and unattended. ReplayDIRECTOR is set up to record these sessions and when an issue is detected, the recording can be “marked” at the exact instance that the defect occurred. The resulting recording and set of defect “bookmarks” are included in the Quality Center incident reports and can be used to rapidly track down and diagnose problems without any intervention by the QA staff.

“We were having phone calls and meetings all hours of the day and night just to generate enough information to start on a debug process. With ReplayDIRECTOR, the Virtual Recording is all that is needed and everyone’s schedule has gotten back to normal. The ability to mark recordings at the exact time the defect occurs is an enormous time saver.”
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