ReplayDIRECTOR for Java EE:
DVR Functionality for Java applications

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ReplayDIRECTOR for JavaEE is a software debugging tool that functions like a DVR for enterprise Java applications – recording all inputs and events affecting your application server while it is running then. These inputs are then replayed with the original binaries to create a live program environment that reproduces the original program execution with 100% fidelity.

record in complex environments - replay on single workstation

ReplayDIRECTOR for JavaEE ensures that the teams responsible for enterprise applications based on Java application servers can:

  • Save time in documenting and communicating bugs, performance and security problems
  • Eliminate the need to replicate the original execution environment
  • Improve application quality by pinpointing the root cause of any defect up to 50% faster

Every line of code that an application executes is determined by interactions with its environment. ReplayDIRECTOR captures all these interactions – file i/o, network input, interrupts, call-backs, multi-threaded timings, etc. – and then uses this data to run the application and reproduce the exact same sequence of program instructions. This means that every line of code that was executed when the application was recorded will be executed in the same way during replay. Elements such as the database, other servers and clients connected to the application will all be simulated by the virtual execution. The application will run in precisely the same way it did during the recording, and will have no ability to detect that it is being replayed, and not, in fact, running live.

Virtualized execution means the original environment is not required.

ReplayDIRECTOR for JavaEE does not just replay screen captures of what the user saw, but actually executes the binaries in a virtual container that completely eliminates the effort of recreating the specific environment and conditions a problem occurred in. With ReplayDIRECTOR there is no need to set up the database, reproduce the load, find the exact operating system, or any other time consuming and tedious setup tasks.

No source changes required, Use your existing tools

ReplayDIRECTOR does not require your organization to change existing problem resolution processes or tools. Because your application is actually executing during replay, your existing Java debuggers, Eclipse IDEs and other debugging tools can be used to quickly isolate and resolve the defect, without impacting the normal workflow. A recording can be easily shared with other teams using existing defect tracking, test management or help desk tools. And most importantly – there are no changes required to any source code.

Simplify application resolution throughout the lifecycle

ReplayDIRECTOR for JavaEE has been architected from the ground-up with high-performance in mind to ensure minimal application impact – even in production environments. With a very efficient method of data capture and small performance footprint, ReplayDIRECTOR can be utilized by developers, QA, operations and customer support.

“All software organizations need to use tools such as ReplayDIRECTOR 3.0 in order to enable teams to instantly share complex environments to identify, debug, and resolve defects.”
Theresa Lanowitz, Principal Analyst, voke, inc.

ReplayDIRECTOR captures the environment and execution of Java EE applications allowing for almost any issue to be reproduced and debugged at the source-code level without requiring access to the original environment, database, or application traffic.

“The time we spend resolving defects has dropped quantifiably by over 50%. This has resulted in a very significant ROI for my company.”
Theo Nissim, CEO of Gemini Solutions
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ReplayDIRECTOR Developer Edition